Volunteer Info

The Johnston VPA couldn’t exist without parents, friends and students putting in thousands of volunteer hours. Want to help? Watch your email for all kinds of volunteer opportunities that come out through the year. Lists of assigned volunteer responsibilities will also be shown under each area as they become available.

General Volunteering – Not sure where to help and looking for an opportunity?  You can contact the Mrs. Ryan or Mr. Robilliard for more information.

Volunteer for Madrigal – We need daytime and evening volunteers to help get our space ready for the feast. There are small jobs and big jobs – we have something for everyone. You can contact the madrigal team at jhsvpa.madrigalchair@gmail.com

Volunteer for Showzam – A wide variety of tasks need to happen to keep this as one of the Midwest’s premier show choir competitions. We will train you. We need each family to sign up for at least one shift — more is better!