Unleash Your Inner Rock Star!

Unleash your Inner Rock Star! What is your Rock N Roll dream? Wearing the mask with Slipknot? Jammin’ with the Crue? Hangin’ on stage with the Biebs?

We can’t help you there, but you can be on stage and have an awesome pic for a family album cover!

On September 22nd, for a $99 donation to Johnston VPA, Pat Ward Photography will provide a 15 minute photo session for you on the JHS Auditorium stage. Bring your entourage and receive a rockin’ photo magnet and the ability to purchase additional sweet swag. A 12×12 album cover print, mounted and with a display easel, custom holiday cards, framed or canvas wall art, gift prints, wallets, or specially priced collections will all be available. In addition, you will receive digital files of each purchased image, suitable for posting on social media like all rock stars do!

In addition, you help a great organization and the Johnston Choir programs!

Sign up today by clicking on the link below to make your donation and then follow the instructions on picking your photo shoot.

To make donation:


To sign up for your photo session time:


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